How to wear Kimono Class



Instructor: Fumiko Horan


Location: Surrey / Vancouver BC


Date & Time : To be announced.


                        No drop-ins.


Fee : $120 for 5 classes     Text $10


          Kimono Rental  $30 for a set.


Registration: To register please contact Fumiko Horan.

                        604 961 0930






Description: You will learn basic knowledge about the kimono and its wear, as well as how to tie an obi. Please bring your own kimono set (including nagajuban, hadajuban, obimakura, obiage, obijime, obiita, koshihimo, datejime, 2 towels and tabi). The instructor will teach you how to make your own obiita, koshihimo and datejime in the fi rst class. 



Please contact Fumiko Horan for any question regarding the course.


Phone Number: 604 961 0930