About Fumiko Horan


Born in Taiwan, Fumiko Horan has been immersed in Kimono culture ever since she attended the most prestigious Kimono school, Hakubi, in Japan 25 years ago. 


With extensive knowledge for Kimono, Fumiko currently teaches Kimono dressing, makes kimono, yukata, Japanese accessories and theatrical costume.


Besides teaching, she dress people in Kimono for various occations, such as wedding, hichi-go-san, seijin-siki (celebration for becoming 20-year-old).

She has a large collection of Kimono and other accessories for rental for these occations.


Before Fumiko became a Kimono expart, she operated and owned restaurant in Japan and Taiwan as well.


As a young woman in Taiwan, she was a singing and dancing performer.


Fumiko speaks English, Japanese and Mandarin.